Product Information

LensMe Malakite Eye Lenses is the newest shade from Lensme, blending browns with subtle blue and brown undertones to create a medium gray shade that has won the hearts of colored lens wearers all over the world.

Why wear Lens me Malakite?

Lens me Malakite is a medium gray colored lens with subtle navy blue undertones. These lenses come with a delicate limbal ring while still maintaining a fresh and natural look. Lens me Malakite compliments all skin tones and is perfect for daytime wear and for special occasions. It is one of the newest and most popular additions to the Lensme collection.

Lensme lenses are made in Korea with soft and light materials and are known to be very comfortable and enjoyable to wear. These lenses can be worn daily for up to 6 months and are extremely popular with customers all across the globe

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Lens Description

Color: Malakite
Packaging: Box containing a pair of lenses
Diameter: 14.2mm
Lens Curvature: 8.6
Modality: 30 uses
Water content: 38%