Product Information

Bella Allure Blonde Contact Lenses blends a natural alluring look with intense brown color. These brown-colored contact lenses match nearly every skin tone and compliment light and dark eyes.

Blending a natural look with intense color, Allure Blonde is a bestseller in the Bella Diamond collection. A hazel shade combined with a starburst brown limbal ring brings depth and enlarges the look of your eyes.
Why to wear Bella Diamond Allure Blonde?
Brown doesn’t have to be boring as Allure Blonde by Bella naturally brightens and enlarges your eyes. These colored contact lenses match nearly every skin tone with a hazel shade that’s multifaceted and warm. Change up your look with its starburst limbal ring and make everyone wonder what’s different about you!

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Lens Description

Lens Material / Polymacon -
Water Content / 38% -
Base Curve / 8.6mm -
Diameter / 14.5 -
Central Thickness / 0.07mm (@-3.00D) -
Permeability / 12 -
Transmissibility / 95% -
Lens Collection / Eye enlarging lenses -
Modality / 3 months -
Type / Soft Contact Lenses